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Reusable Washable Face Mask

$1.00 Inc. VAT

Production Description
Filtering reusable mask, washable at maximum temperature of 60° C , 10 washing cycles are guaranteed, for a longer life of the mask gently hand wash it at 35-40° C. This mask offers good breathability and 98% filter efficienty against aerosols as reported in the Technical Specifications of the Data Sheet enclosed. As also reported in to the Data Sheet enclosed OVER MASK I is neither a Personal Protective Equipment nor a Medical Device, it doesn't harm people's health. We can produce it without any type of certification (the mask doesn't provide any CE mark or any other type of marking), this mask is not subject to conformity assessment by a notified body. Considering the emergency situation caused by the Covid19 virus and according to the Italian Government Legislative Decree N°18 of 18/03/2020 we can sell this mask as it helps to contain the spread of COVID-19.