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Zenith Ba Air Safety Helmet Blue 1 Pack

$84.00 Inc. VAT
SKU KAWHE00023-208

Production Description

* Washable and removable soft padding with FAST3DRY technology* Sanitized antibacterial treatment acts as an internal deodorant* Ratchet system with triple adjustment - width, height and rotation for perfect, secure fit* Maximum ventilation thanks to eight air intakes* Easy direct connection with accessories* Universal-adjustable* Multilateral hit protection ensured* EPS inner shell for best shock absorption and protection* Conforms to EN 397 and EN 12492 impact requirements* Full face visor KAWVI00008-015 available (Requires KAWAC00009 adapter and KAWAC00010 carrier)* Visors KAWVI00007-009 and KAWVI00007-015 available (Requires KAWAC00009 adapter)* Ear Defenders KAWHP00001-202, KAWHP00001-203 and KAWHP00001-205 available (Clips straight in, no adapter required)